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Geir Pedersen Warns Hostilities in Syria on the Rise

Pedersen cautioned against relying solely on containment and mitigation strategies.
Geir Pedersen Warns Hostilities in Syria on the Rise

The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen, has issued a grave warning regarding the escalating hostilities in Syria, which are resulting in increased casualties, injuries, and displacement among Syrians.

Pedersen delivered this warning during his address at the eighth Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region. He emphasized the urgent necessity for immediate de-escalation and the implementation of a nationwide ceasefire in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254.

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Expressing deep concern over the current trajectory of events in Syria, Pedersen lamented the continued fragmentation of the nation, with millions of Syrians residing in areas beyond the control of the Assad regime, amidst the presence of six foreign armies and numerous de facto armed groups.

Highlighting the plight of Syrian refugees, Pedersen underscored their precarious situation, caught between escalating pressures and mounting resentment in their host countries. He called for increased support to nations accommodating Syrian refugees.

Pedersen cautioned against relying solely on containment and mitigation strategies, asserting that a lasting resolution to the crisis demands a political framework. He urged the exploration of a comprehensive approach addressing the multifaceted issues at hand, including the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people and the imperative of restoring national sovereignty.

Furthermore, Pedersen drew attention to the growing exodus of individuals from Syria and neighbouring nations, risking perilous journeys in pursuit of safety. He emphasized the disproportionate burden borne by neighbouring countries and the potential hazards faced by Syrian refugees amidst challenging political, economic, and social conditions.


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