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“Fatima”, a Martyr for Simply Living in Deir Ballut

A woman died days after she was injured by HTS forces while trying to transport fuel across contact lines, according to Baladi News.
"Fatima", a Martyr for Simply Living in Deir Ballut
“Fatima”, a Martyr for Simply Living in Deir Ballut

On Sunday, Fatima Abdel Rahman al-Ismail died of wounds that were inflicted on her by members of Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) at the Deir Ballut crossing in the northern Idleb countryside. At the time, Fatima was transporting gasoline from the northern Aleppo countryside to the Atmeh area, north of Idleb. 

Fatima died in the Turkish hospital to which she was transferred. She died more than a week after her condition became unstable, but the hospital had no proper medical equipment. 

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During her work, Fatima was injured by the transfer of a few liters of gasoline from the northern Aleppo countryside, which is under the control of the Syrian National Army, to the Idleb area, which is under HTS’ control. HTS prohibits the bringing of fuel into their areas of control due to price differences. 

The incident sparked a wave of popular anger. Demonstrations took place in Atmeh camps, demanding accountability for the perpetrators and the abolition of so-called crossings between Idleb and Aleppo.


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