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Alloush: Let Iran Send More Troops, Their Only Fate is Slaughter

Eastern Ghouta rebel commander condemns regime, Iran and ISIS in a new video statement, calling for factions in Horan to join in the liberation of Damascus
Alloush: Let Iran Send More Troops, Their Only Fate is Slaughter

In a video message addressed to the Assad regime on July 8, Army of Islam commander Zahran Alloush said: "Your days are numbered, God willing, we are getting stronger and more determined, while your soldiers are fleeing like rats before the strikes of the jihadists in all parts of Syria. Your end is imminent”.

Alloush requested Iran continue sending its troops and soldiers, claiming: "they will be slaughtered in our country, we will eradicate them and they will return to you in pieces".

In the video, the rebel commander slammed ISIS after their defeat in Ghouta and Qalamoun, describing them as a "rogue force, a focus of lying and hypocrisy, and a foreign Baath state that wounded the Islamic nation. We are aware of your relation with the regime, you portray all as traitors while regime tanks ride on your fuel”.

Alloush also pointed to a possible cooperation with factions in Horan to conquer Damascus, saying: "Save the country and its people from the regime and ISIS. Come to Damascus, we are waiting for you and we will cooperate with you to conquer the capital, God willing".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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