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After al-Moadamyeh, 110 Cases of Diarrhea in Darayya

Darayya has been struck with hundreds of cases of diarrhea, which have continued to rise, despite measures being taken to halt the problem reports Al-Watan.
After al-Moadamyeh, 110 Cases of Diarrhea in Darayya

Case of diarrhea continued to increase in the town of al-Moadamyeh, exceeding 1,700 cases as of noon on Sunday, at a time when the number of cases was supposed to decrease after people stopped using water from the wells of al-Rabwah starting last Friday. Tanks were emptied out and replaced with water from Ayn al-Fijah on Saturday. The Ministry of Health and the Damascus City Water Supply Authority were checking the quality of the water around the clock.

But strangely, 110 cases of diarrhea have been recorded in Darayya, even though the town has not received drinking water from the network or from the tanks of the Water Authority since last Wednesday.

Director of the General Foundation for Drinking Water and Sanitation in Damascus, Samer al-Hashemi, along with the Director of Economic Units in the Water Supply Authority, confirmed to Al-Watan that Darayya has not been supplied with any water from the Authority since last Wednesday.

Hashemi indicated that the quantities of water that were pumped from Ayn al-Fijah on Saturday and Sunday were enough for the people of al-Moadamyeh. Sufficiency was evidenced by the fact that none of the townspeople asked to use water from the tanks scattered around the town since yesterday.

The question remains: What is the real cause of the diarrhea in Darayya?


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