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1,500 Armenian Fighters Deploy in Kassab

The group includes fighters from the Deer Hunters Brigade, a secret Armenian army brigade
1,500 Armenian Fighters Deploy in Kassab

Lebanon's Al-Jadid televsion channel has reported the deployment of more than 1,500 Armenian fighters from Nagorni Karabakh to the port of Tartous, on Syria's coast.


The group includes 300 fighters from the Deer Hunters Brigade, which is the strongest squad of the secret Armenian Army, which has unmatched combat experience in mountains and jungles and is considered one of the fiercest military combat teams of the world, according to the report.


According to the report, in addition to the Armenians who came from Armenia, Armenian volunteers from Lebanon joined the group to defend holy places, which means that the regime has succeeded for the thousandth time in intimidating minorities without any reaction from the opposition Syrian National Coalition.


A social media page of Armenians in Lebanon published a picture of a young man named Tony Orian, carrying a weapon in Kassab, with comments under the picture: "This is our hero, we are proud of you".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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