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Seven Members of Assad’s Militia, Including Officers, Killed in Northern Syria

The fighters were killed in the past five days on the fronts of Hama, Idleb and Aleppo, according to Orient News.
Seven Members of Assad’s Militia, Including Officers, Killed in Northern Syria

Loyalists mourned several members of Assad’s militia, including officers, who were killed over the past few days on the northern Syrian fronts. The victims died during attacks carried out by local factions of the Al-Fatah al-Mubin Operations Room, which were perceived as a response to massacres carried out in camps in Idleb governorate.

According to pro-regime Facebook pages on Wednesday, seven fighters — including three officers with the rank of captain and first lieutenant — have been killed in the past five days on the fronts of Hama, Idleb and Aleppo. The first of which is Captain Jaafar Ayman Ibrahim, who hails from the village of Ghunairi in the countryside of Jableh.

Captain Mohamed Ahmed al-Attiyeh, a captain from the village of al-Hawiz in the city of Jableh, and First Lieutenant Mohsen Ali Kahmouz, from the village of Ghassaniya in rural Homs, were also killed. Both were in the Ghab Plain area of rural Hama.

Assad Regime Claims Responsibility for Idleb Massacre

Also deceased were Captain Muhammad Mahmoud al-Sharaa, who hails from the city of Nawa in rural Daraa, and was killed in Idleb; the fighter Jaafar Muhammad Hassan from Tartous; and Lieutenant Ouday Mahmoud Shehadeh from Damascus, who was killed on the fronts of the northern countryside of  Latakia; and the fighter Ghayath Raed Khadra from Rural Damascus and killed on the rural Idleb fronts.

Last Sunday, the Russian occupation committed a massacre in camps of displaced people in the area of Kafr Jales near Idleb city. It targeted the camps of Maram and Watan, Wadi Hajj Khaled, the Kafr Ruhin water station,the Morin village camp, and the Baibaa camp with more than 30 rockets. The rockets were loaded with internationally banned cluster bombs, which were launched by the Assad militia in the area of Saraqeb east of Idleb, under cover from missile raids conducted by its warplanes on various areas of Idleb.

According to the White Helmets and Syria Response Coordinators teams, the massacre killed ten civilians, including children and women, and injured more than 70 others. Over 3,621 families were displaced by the shelling, in addition to material damage in 63 tents and caravans owned by displaced people. This problem was especially acute in the Maram camp, and came in addition to the displacement of 2,183 families from targeted camps and surrounding areas.

In response to the massacre, the Fatah factions operating in northern Syria announced several deterrent operations, including rocket and artillery shelling on the positions of the Assad and Russian militia near the area. The attacks included an infiltrative” operation on the militias’ rear lines and led to the death and injury of dozens of militia members.

The shelling issued by the local factions affected several military sites and fortifications of Assad’s and Russian militias in the countryside of Latakia, Hama, Aleppo and Idleb. The shelling occurred at the points of the Baradoun Dam, Tal al-Burkan, Jurin, Camp Jurin, Chatha,  Al-Bahsa, Al-Baraka, Ain Salimo, Saraqeb and its surroundings, Al-Dweir, Jubas, Maarshorin, Hantotin, Tell al-Burkan, Al-Bayda village, Mizanaz and Kafr Aleppo.


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