Regime Sends Huge Reinforcements to Daraa, People Fear Military Campaigns

The reinforcements consist of infantry units and heavy equipment, including vehicles, tanks, and ground-based anti-aircraft weaponry, according to Zaman al-Wasl.

According to local sources, military reinforcements associated with the Assad regime have recently arrived at the Military Irrigation Barracks situated between the towns of Yadouda and Muzayrib in the western Daraa region. Additionally, similar reinforcements have been reported in the al-Maftar area, which connects the Yadouda and Dahiya neighbourhoods at the western entrance of Daraa city.

The Ahrar Horan Gathering has stated that these recent reinforcements received over the past few days, consist of infantry units and heavy equipment, including vehicles, tanks, and ground-based anti-aircraft weaponry.

It has been noted that the regime frequently raises concerns about the presence of what they label as “outsiders” in the vicinity of Tafas city, using this as a pretext to impose taxes on landowners, particularly during the harvest season.

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In a related development, two tanks and four BMB vehicles were stationed near the residence of former People’s Assembly member Farouk al-Hammadi, located between the cities of Inkhil and Jassim. These forces have undertaken demolition activities and the construction of defensive earthworks in structures previously occupied by regime forces.

Furthermore, the gathering has reported that regime force reinforcements were deployed several days ago in the area connecting the city of Jassim and Kafr Shams, establishing a military outpost in that region. Additionally, they have set up a military checkpoint on the al-Bahs road connecting the cities of Jassim and Nawa, along with another checkpoint on the unpaved road connecting the cities of Jassim and Nakhil.

It has been elucidated that regime forces established a new military checkpoint east of Tal al-Hash along the route connecting the city of Nawa with the village of Burqa in the western Daraa region. This deployment followed the arrival of military reinforcements, including infantry units and heavy vehicles.

Sources have reported that regime force reinforcements have arrived at Tal al-Jabiya, located west of the city of Nawa, and other reinforcements have been deployed within the city of Daraa itself, distributed among various military facilities and barracks.

In the Lajat area, units from the Ninth Division have recently established new military checkpoints, along with constructing defensive earthworks and conducting security operations between the village of Khubb and the village of al-Dama near Sweida.

The gathering has highlighted the Ninth Division’s creation of a new checkpoint at the intersection of the village of Shiaha on the road linking the villages of Jadal and al-Dama. Additionally, they have established a security detachment within a house east of the village of Jadal, along with a military outpost situated between the villages of Shiaha and Shomra. 


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.



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