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Jordanian MP Attacks Syrian Regime; Parliament Strikes his Intervention

Ali al-Khalayleh said that the regime harmed Jordan on several occasions, according to Shaam Network.
Jordanian MP Attacks Syrian Regime; Parliament Strikes his Intervention

A session of the Jordanian House of Representatives witnessed a great controversy during an intervention by MP Ali al-Khalayleh and his question about Jordan’s share of water resources shared with Syria. 

Khalayleh launched a stinging attack against the Syrian regime, saying that he hopes it will disappear today before tomorrow, as this regime has greatly offended Jordan. He added: “I pray to God to remove this regime that oppresses our children in Syria.” 

After the intervention of Khalayleh, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Local Administration Tawfiq Krishan, objected to the MP’s speech about the Syrian regime and requested to remove what the MP said in this regard, from the session 

40 out of the 66 deputies who attended the session voted to strike the declaration. 

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Tawfiq Krishan stressed that communication with the Syrian regime continues on all topics, including the issue of water. 

Khalayleh went back to saying that he did not harm the Syrian state, but rather the regime that “tried to assassinate King Hussein and assassinated Hazza al-Majali, and killed Rafik Hariri. It is a criminal regime, and these are facts”. 

Jordan is the Arab country that has restored its full relationship with the Syrian regime and opened all its border crossings. A telephone call took place between the King of Jordan and the head of the Syrian regime, referring to the full normalization between the two countries. 

There are approximately 670,000 Syrian refugees registered with UNHCR, but Amman says it hosts some 1.3 million Syrian refugees deployed in Jordanian camps, cities, and villages.


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