Syria Expresses Regret and Criticizes Jordanian Air Strikes on its Territory

Syria called Jordanian airstrikes unjustifiable and emphasized the country's efforts to manage the situation, according to al-Watan.

Syria has expressed profound regret over the recent air strikes conducted by the Jordanian Air Force on several villages within Syrian territory, notably in the southern countryside of Suweida governorate. These attacks resulted in the tragic loss of civilian lives, including women and children, and left several others injured.

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, in a statement, declared these strikes on Syrian soil unjustifiable and emphasized the country’s efforts to manage the situation, highlighting a desire to avoid escalating tensions between Syria and Jordan.

Fears in Suweida of Jordan’s Raids: Calls for Coordination

The Ministry pointed out the inconsistency between this military escalation and the existing agreements reached by the Syrian-Jordanian committees, which focus on cooperation in combating smuggling and drugs. Despite Syria’s outreach to Jordanian counterparts in the Foreign and Defense ministries and security agencies, proposing collaborative measures to control the shared borders and expressing readiness to cooperate with Jordanian security institutions, there has been no response.

Reaffirming its commitment, the statement from the Foreign Ministry stated, “Syria remains steadfast in its fight against terrorism and all forms of crime related to smuggling and drug trafficking, aiming for their complete eradication.”

Concluding the statement, the Ministry remarked, “Since 2011, Syria has endured the inflow of thousands of terrorists and the transit of massive quantities of weapons from neighbouring countries, including Jordan. This has led to the loss of thousands of innocent lives, widespread suffering among Syrians across various sectors, and significant infrastructure damage.”


This governmental response comes five days after the Jordanian bombing in Suweida, which claimed the lives of nine civilians. This delay has sparked a wave of questions and concerns among Syrian activists.


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