Médecins Sans Frontières: Military Escalation in Northwest Syria Exacerbates Humanitarian Situation

The organization's statement highlights the distressing conditions in camps for displaced individuals in northern Syria, according to Syria TV.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has issued a dire warning regarding the ongoing military escalation in northwestern Syria, stating that it is further exacerbating the already severe humanitarian crisis. They have noted that the delivery of aid has been severely hampered due to the hostilities.

In an official statement, the organization expressed deep concern, stating, “The escalation of hostilities in northwest Syria has inflicted significant suffering on the local population and has had severe repercussions for healthcare facilities.” MSF also emphasized that ongoing hostilities are hindering their efforts to provide essential assistance.

After 328 Dead and Wounded: Relative Calm on Fifth Day of Escalation in Idleb

The organization has reported that healthcare facilities have not been spared from the shelling by Syrian regime forces. Specifically, three hospitals in Idleb—the university hospital, the national hospital, and the governorate hospital—have been bombed, significantly impacting their ability to function. Additionally, 19 hospitals in Idleb and western Aleppo have ceased offering non-essential services and are now exclusively providing emergency care.

Siham Hajjaj, MSF’s head of mission in northwest Syria, strongly condemned these attacks, emphasizing their unacceptable nature and the dire consequences they have on the vulnerable population and the already fragile healthcare system in northwest Syria. She called upon all parties engaged in the conflict to adhere to international humanitarian law, safeguard civilians and vital infrastructure, and protect medical facilities, all while highlighting the presence of explosive hazards in populated areas.

Already limited resources 

The organization’s statement highlights the distressing conditions in camps for displaced individuals in northern Syria. These camps are currently experiencing extremely challenging circumstances characterized by a severe lack of basic services such as clean water, sanitation facilities, food, and adequate shelter. Furthermore, overcrowding compounds the hardships faced by those residing in these camps.

The head of the MSF mission in northwest Syria has emphasized the urgency of taking immediate measures to enhance surgical capabilities and trauma care in Idleb. She pointed out that these resources are already in short supply in the region, making it imperative to provide essential care for those injured in the conflict, as well as addressing the long-term consequences of the rising number of casualties.

The MSF statement underscores that this new cycle of violence will only worsen the already dire humanitarian situation in northwest Syria, which has been enduring the effects of a protracted decade-long conflict.


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