Hassakeh: Turkey Targets Vicinity of Abdi’s Residence, He Evacuates HQ

Additional SDF sites were hit in the village of Taweelah in the western countryside of Tal Tamr, according to Hashtag Syria.

On Thursday, Turkish forces launched airstrikes targeting multiple locations associated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), following threats from Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan to strike infrastructure and large facilities of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Syria and Iraq.

The Turkish airstrikes struck several SDF sites, including the prominent Mushairfa al-Hamma area west of Hassakeh, near the American base. These strikes also targeted the resting place of the minister, the residence of the commander-in-chief of the SDF, Mazloum Abdi, and a vehicle near the first target site.

Additional SDF sites were hit in the village of Taweelah in the western countryside of Tal Tamr, as well as a site in the village of Tal Habash, south of the city of Amouda near the Syrian-Turkish border. Another site near the Jawadiya Dam in the eastern countryside of Qamishli was also targeted. These operations resulted in casualties, injuries, and significant material damage at the affected sites, according to reports from field sources cited by Athr Press.

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The Turkish airstrikes also impacted seven other SDF sites in the western and northern countryside of the governorate. An SDF site near the Jawadiya Dam in the eastern countryside of Qamishli was targeted, along with an oil facility in the village of Kardhol in the countryside of al-Qahtaniyah, east of Qamishli.

In the western countryside, Mushairfa al-Hamma was once again targeted, and the village of al-Rukba on the main road between Hassakeh and Tal Tamr in the western countryside of Hassakeh was struck. A vehicle near the village of Hasouda on the international road east of Qamishli was also targeted, and several oil stations in the village of Saeed in the countryside of Qahtaniyah were destroyed.

On Wednesday, Turkish forces launched three missiles targeting a brick factory in the town of Safia, which the SDF had been using as a headquarters, weapons repair workshops, and an ammunition manufacturing facility, causing significant damage.

Earlier on Tuesday, October 3rd, Turkish airstrikes targeted a vehicle at the Beiruti Bridge, resulting in the death of an SDF leader. The Turkish news agency Anatolia reported that the slain leader was allegedly involved in planning the Ankara attack.

Field sources confirmed that the SDF had evacuated its headquarters, hidden its leaders, and instructed its members to wear civilian clothing, especially in the northern and western countryside of the Hassakeh governorate, due to the fear of aerial attacks by Turkish drones.

In a related context, Ilham Ahmed, the co-chair of the SDF, called upon the international community to intervene and halt Turkish attacks in their areas. She denied the Turkish government’s accusations against them and urged Turkey to refrain from exporting its problems to northeastern Syria.

Additionally, Abdi released a statement on the X platform denying any SDF involvement in the bombings targeting the Turkish interior. He expressed concern that Turkey was seeking pretexts to justify its ongoing attacks on their territories and launch a new military aggression.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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