Syria Questions International Stance Amidst Ongoing Israeli Attacks on Syria

Syria underlined the pressing need for the international community to address ongoing violations of human rights and international law by Israel, according to al-Watan.

In a session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva addressing the situation of human rights in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories, Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations Office and international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Haider Ali Ahmad, raised concerns about the ongoing Israeli attacks on Syria and the role of Western countries in supporting these actions. He called for a reevaluation of the stance taken by nations that profess commitment to human rights and the principles of international law.

Israel Escalates Against Iranian Militias in Eastern Syria

Ambassador Ali Ahmad emphasized that despite commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Council continues to grapple with a unique and troubling case that contradicts the essence of the Declaration. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the inherent dignity of all members of the human family and their equal and inalienable rights as the foundation for freedom, justice, and peace in the world.

He pointed out the enduring presence of long-term colonialism characterized by apartheid, which violates numerous provisions within international humanitarian law and international human rights law. This sustained occupation’s key feature is its settlement policy, which perpetuates an illegal status quo, endorses unlawful annexation policies, and defies the principle prohibiting the use of force to seize land.

Ambassador Ali Ahmad’s remarks underscore the pressing need for the international community to address these ongoing violations of human rights and international law, particularly in the context of the Israeli occupation of Syrian territory.


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