Regime Military Campaign in Western Countryside of Daraa: What are its Objectives?

These campaigns have become a recurring pattern at the onset of each year's harvest season, Syria TV says.

Syrian government forces have initiated a fresh military operation in the western countryside of Daraa. This action follows the recent arrival of military reinforcements, which have been stationed near agricultural land along the road connecting Tafas and Daraa. These campaigns have become a recurring pattern at the onset of each year’s harvest season.

This new offensive occurs one week after Syrian government warplanes conducted airstrikes on agricultural sites in the western region of the governorate. These airstrikes are part of the regime’s implementation of the Arab initiative called “step for step.”

Prelude to Military Campaign: Regime Pushes Reinforcements to Countryside of Daraa

A former leader of the opposition factions, speaking to Syria TV, revealed that this campaign’s timing aligns with the customary yearly occurrence during the harvest season. The systematic warfare imposed by the regime has been adversely affecting the local populace, who rely on the targeted area, known as Hauran’s food basket, for their daily livelihood.

According to the aforementioned leader, the regime alleges the presence of organization members in the agricultural lands between Tafas and Yadoudeh. They further accuse these individuals of carrying out assassinations against police officers in the western countryside of the governorate last June.

The source added that the Syrian regime aims to associate the organization’s activities with the issue of drug trafficking. This tactic is an attempt to absolve regime officers and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia from their involvement in drug manufacturing and smuggling in the southern region of Syria.

Local residents are apprehensive about potential civilian displacements, a recurring consequence of previous military campaigns across different areas of the governorate. Additionally, they do not discount the possibility of Iranian involvement in the current military actions.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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