Syria Continues To Use Chemical Weapons Against Civilians – UN

The UK Political Coordinator at the UN said Syria has failed to provide the OPCW with a complete account of its chemical weapons program, according to North Press.

Permanent Representative of France and the UK Political Coordinator at the UN said on Monday the Syrian government has been found responsible for continuing to use chemical weapons, while Russia is not satisfied with the way they have been collecting information on Syria.
In a statement, Nicolas De Riviere, Permanent Representative of France to the UN, said, “In August 2013, the Syrian regime murdered more than a thousand civilians on the outskirts of Damascus with weapons prohibited by international law.”
Following this massacre, the Security Council adopted resolution 2118.
Previously, the US Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Ambassador Joseph Manso, said his country believes “the Syrian regime” has used chemical weapons at least 50 times during the conflict in war-torn Syria.

UN Official: Syrian Regime’s Declaration of Chemical Weapons Stockpiles Incomplete

On April 30th, the top UN disarmament official said that Syria’s continued failure to remedy outstanding issues prevents the international community from confirming the elimination of its chemical weapons program.
“Syria must comply with its international obligations if it is to restore its rights and privileges,” according to Riviere.
The representative urged Syria to respond to the questions addressed by the Technical Secretariat on its initial declaration.
In a statement, Fergus Eckersley, UK Political Coordinator at the UN, said Syria has repeatedly and categorically failed to provide the OPCW with a complete account of its chemical weapons program.
“The Syrian regime has been independently found responsible for at least 8 chemical weapons attacks by the UN and OPCW independent investigations – attacks on its own people,” Eckersley said.
Syria has failed to assure that it is abiding by its commitments under Resolution 2118 and as a state party to the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Syria and Russia systematically try to hide this behaviour and to avoid accountability, according to Eckersley.
“Until Syria gives proper assurances to the international community, we must assume that Syria continues to hold chemical weapons. And given its track record, we must assume that the regime remains willing to use them,” he added.


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