President Assad Issues Five Decrees Appointing and Transferring Governors

Two new governors were appointed in the Hassakeh and Hama governorates, according to al-Watan.

On Wednesday, President Bashar al-Assad, issued five decrees to transfer and appoint governors to eight governorates, six of whom were transferred from one governorate to another. Two new governors were appointed in the Hassakeh and Hama governorates.

Decree No. 198 ended the appointment of Adel al-Olabi as governor of the Damascus governorate, transferring Mohammed Kreishati, governor of Hama, to be his replacement. Decree No. 199 included the termination of Ghassan Khalil as governor of the Hassakeh governorate and appointed Louay Sayouh in his place.

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Decree No. 200 transferred the governor of Tartous, Safwan Abu Saada, to be appointed as governor of Rural Damascus countryside, the governor of Quneitra Abdul Halim Khalil to be appointed as governor of Tartous, and the governor of Rural Damascus Moataz Abu al-Nasr Jamran to be appointed as governor of Quneitra.

Decree No. 201 transferred Bassam Barsek, governor of Homs, to being governor of Suweida. The governor of Suweida, Numair Makhlouf, was transferred to become governor of Homs. Decree No. 202 covered the appointment of Mahmoud Zanboua as governor of Hama.

Mustafa Laila, chairman of the Committee on Local Administration and Urban Development in the People’s Assembly, said that the reshuffling following the decrees aimed to pump new blood into the governorates. He pointed out that each governor now needs to develop public services and improve the investment environment in each governorate.

Laila pointed out that the local administration elections are approaching soon. Therefore, the governors should work to motivate competent and experienced candidates to contest these elections to serve across local councils where needed. 


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