Major Confrontation Brewing in Daraa as Syrian Special Forces Surround Area

Following the kidnapping and killing of nine Syrian soldiers in Daraa, special forces and local police have converged on the area to launch an attack reports Al-Masdar.

The Syrian special forces and local police forces in Daraa Governorate are preparing for a major confrontation with a group of militants that were responsible for the killing of nine soldiers earlier this week.

According to a source in the Daraa Governorate, the Syrian special forces have begun moving into position to launch an attack around the Mazrib area, after the militants there refused to surrender themselves.

The source said the Syrian special forces have cordoned off the entire area and will begin a new operation after the militants refused to surrender themselves prior to the deadline given by the military in Daraa.

This move by the Syrian Arab Army comes just days after the militant group kidnapped and executed nine Syrian soldiers that were deployed at a checkpoint in the town of Mazrib.

The execution of these soldiers marked a major juncture in the ongoing upheaval in Daraa, as the Syrian military has sent several units of reinforcements to the region to prevent these attacks in the future.

Since January 2019, Daraa has remained a dangerous region in southern Syria, as sleeper cells belonging to the Free Syrian Army, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham and the Islamic State continue to wreak havoc against the security forces.


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