Syrian writer Hanna Mina dies at 94

Renowned Syrian author Hanna Mina was awarded the Arab Writer's Prize in 2005.

Renowned Syrian writer and novelist Hanna Mina has died after suffering from a long illness. He was 94.

For many readers and critics, Mina is one of the greatest Syrian men of letters. He has written over 40 books, novels and short stories.

Most of his novels spoke about the sea and masculine heroes. Feminists criticized him for focusing on portraying his protagonists as strong, obstinate men, who fight the sea and the society and, in most cases, wins.

They also criticized the image of women, who are, in many of novels, portrayed as good helpless mothers or prostitutes.

Despite the criticisms, Mina was still one of the most renowned novelists in the Arab world. He enjoyed a great reputation and status.

Mina was a stubborn communist and he had a close relationship with figures in the Syrian government.

The Ministry of Culture mourned Mina, saying that he was “one of the greatest Arab writers to have lived, having written more than 40 novels throughout half a century.”

Mina was born in Latakia, a coastal city in 1924.


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