Syrian child victims are suffering in Turkish hospitals

Dozens of Syrian children have been admitted to Turkish hospitals

An Aleppo woman who fled Syria to the Turkish border has left her 8-month-old baby for over a month at the Gaziantep Children Hospital, according to a Zaman al-Wasl reporter in Turkey.


Nurses at the hospital used to bring milk and diapers to Sarah Mustafa, while waiting for her mother to return.


Sarah's mother said she preferred to let her child stay in a safe place rather than with her, the reporter said.


'Save the Children' NGO has repeatedly called for an end to indiscriminate killing in Syria, saying children are suffering terribly as a result of the conflict.


In Gaziantep Hospital, other examples of the atrocities committed against children by the regime of Bashar Assad regime are clearly evident. Many children have been left without parents, reportedly killed during the course of the Syrian conflict.


Dozens of Syrian children have been admitted to the Turkish hospital after being born with terrible heath complications.


In an incubator near Sarah's room a one-month-old infant has been left with only his elderly grandfather after his family was killed under government artillery in northern Aleppo.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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