Russia Ties Will Encourage Stability: Economy Minister

The minister highlighted Russia's assistance with infrastructure projects as part of the reconstruction process

Minister of Economy and Trade Mohammad Zafer Mihbek said Syria is keen to develop economic ties with Russia to realize economic stability, through reconstruction and development.


During a meeting of the Syrian-Russian Joint Cooperation Center board of directors on Thursday, Mihbek said that economic relationships are no less important than the political, and thanked Russia for its support.


Mihbek said he hoped the center would play an effective role in encouraging small and medium-sized projects and youth projects, indicating that the center's activity depends on business efforts in both countries.


The minister underlined the government's commitment to offering all necessary support to the center to assume its commercial and marketing roles, and its anticipated role in drawing Russian investments. In particular, he highlighted infrastructure projects as part of the reconstruction process, after the crisis ends.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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