Calls to Address Religious Extremism

Religious endowments minister says religious edicts labelling others infidels distort Islamic texts

Minister for Religious Endowments, Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed has called for intensified meetings between clergymen and youth to address misleading and heretical fatwas that are promoting an inaccurate and distorted image of Islam.


During a meeting on Wednesday with a group of young people organized by the Damascus Governorate, Sayyed said the fatwas "seek to destroy the homeland, kill children, dishonor women and subvert civilization.'' He said that these religious edicts contradict Islamic texts by declaring others ''infidels'', and inciting youth to take up arms and vandalize infrastructure.


Sayyed said that there is no such thing as ''political Islam'' as no one has the right to speak in the name of Islam, adding that "no Arab or Muslim country has as much freedom in religious activities as Syria.


Sayyed said the extremism that has plagued Syria "cloaks politics in religion," adding that this has been manifest in the emergence of suspicious extremist organizations.


He said Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the West, in addition to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and Wahabism have all joined an alliance to destroy Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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