Chemical Weapons Accusations Are Lies: Zoubi

Zoubi says chemical accusations against the Syrian government are part of a campaign of fabrications

Reports by foreign and Arab news agencies of chemical weapons use by the Syrian government are mere lies and groundless fabrications, Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said on Monday.


In a phone interview with Syrian TV on Monday, Zoubi said that even if Syria had chemical weapons, it would not use them because of the moral position and the national principles of the Syrian leadership and the Syrian people in general.


Zoubi said Syria had requested an investigation into crimes committed in Khan al-Assal, when armed terrorist groups used the chemical weapons.  Syria invited the international investigation committee in to the use of chemical weapons and it is cooperating with it, he said.


Zoubi said Syria condemns accusations against the Syrian government, saying they fall under the  framework of a campaign of fabrications which was initiated two and a half years ago.


"We categorically deny that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons in the Syrian territories," Zoubi said.


Translated and Edited by The Syrian Observer



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