Eight Killed in Terrorist Attack in Aleppo

The terrorist, wearing an explosive belt, infiltrated a group of celebrating students and blew himself up, according to sources

Eight civilians were killed and many others wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up at Capo Grillo restaurant, at the Bassel Sport City in the Mogambo neighborhood of Aleppo on Thursday.


"The suicide terrorist's name is Khaled Ali al-Shibli. He was born in 1995 in the Jabal Badro of Aleppo countryside," an unnamed official source told SANA.


"He joined the party that was being held by student Maria al-Rabee, who was celebrating her completion of secondary school with a number of her colleagues and relatives," the source said.


The source said the terrorist, wearing an explosive belt, infiltrated the group and blew himself up, killing eight. Rabee and Hassan Mhana, a reporter with al-Ikhbariya television, were among the dead.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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