Details of Kurdish National Council Union With Syrian National Coalition

The two groups agreed that Syria should be named the "Syrian Republic" instead of the "Syrian Arab Republic"

The Kurdish National Council has concluded two days of meetings with the leaders of Syrian National Coalition in Istanbul, leading to several major agreements.


A member of the foreign relations committee in the Council, Mustafa Sino described the talks as "positive".


Most importantly, the two groups agreed that Syria is a federal state that should be named the "Syrian Republic" instead of the "Syrian Arab Republic." They agreed Syria is a parliamentary republic that contains multiple ethnicities and religions and that   cooperation in the country is based on equality that should protect the rights and identity of Kurds in the constitution.

Negotiations are also being held to include the the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in the Coalition if it clarified its attitude towards the regime.

Sino said the agreement decided to remove all discriminatory policies against the Kurds.

Eleven seats in the Coalition are to be given to the Kurdish National Council, in addition to the position of Vice President of the Coalition. Sources told Rihab News that the General Secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Party, Abdul Hakeem Bashar will probably occupy the position.


A press conference will be held on 29 August to announce the agreement, after the Kurdish delegation sends the draft of the agreement to the members of the Council for approval.


The Kurdish delegation included Abdul Hamid Haj Darwish, Abdul Hakim Bashar, Ibrahim Bero, Mustafa Sino and Hosheng Darwish, in addition to the representative of the Kurdish National Council in Turkey, Bahzad Ibrahim.


The Coalition was represented by Nazeer al-Hakim, Anas al-Abdoand, and Salim al-Muslet.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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