Iran Says Documents Prove Terrorists Used Chemical Weapons

Iran says the Syrian government has been successful in fighting terrorists and has no need to use chemical weapons.

The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Internal Affairs, Hossein Amir Abdullahian said Iran possesses documents proving that chemical weapons were used by terrorists in Syria and has submitted them to the U.N.


In a statement to the Iranian News Agency (IRNA), Abdullahian said that Iran informed the U.N. that two cylinders of Sarin gas were transported from an Arab country to another country bordering Syria, prompting a political and security response.


He said that the Syrian government has been successful in fighting terrorists, so it has no need to use chemical weapons.


Abdullahian said the Syrian opposition prepared the scenario of chemical weapons use based on the red line set by U.S. President Barack Obama and attempted to accuse the Syrian government. He added that U.S. documents cannot prove that the Syrian government is to blame for the chemical weapons.


"Iran is confident that the Syrian government has not used such a weapon." Abdullahian said.


He also rejected all news saying that Iran supports Syria with military equipment, adding that Syria is able to defend itself and it did not ask Iran or Russia to become involved in the war.


The Iranian diplomat said Syria has the "appropriate powers" to respond if the U.S. took the decision to launch a war on Syria, adding that "the world will witness swift, powerful and surprising responses," in such an event.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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