Jarba Accuses Iraq of Double Standards

Jarba was addressing the foreign ministers of the Arab League

Head of the Syrian National Coalition, Ahmad Jarba issued a strong response to Iraqi and Lebanese foreign ministers at a closed session of the meeting of Arab foreign ministers, held Tuesday evening at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, a source close to the delegation told Anatolia news.


The Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zebari criticized Jarba's speech at the opening session of the meeting, saying Jarba should not be thrown in front of the media, noting also his speech made no mention of terrorist organizations in Syria.


After the Omani Foreign Minister spoke, the UAE Foreign Minister stressed that the Syrian people embarked on peaceful demonstrations, but that a violent reaction from the regime had brought the situatrion to its current point.


In responding to the Iraqi foreign minister, Jarba reminded the ministers that some Iraqi politicians arrived in their positions on the back of U.S tanks, and did not talk about outside interference then, saying they had resorted to a position of double standards, while the Syrian revolution rode on the aspirations of the Syrian people.


Jarba added that when the minister talks about "terrorism" in Syria, he forgets that Abu Ghraib along with other Iraqi prisons opened their doors to release terrorist leaders and sent them to Syria, adding that "we all know the circumstances surrounding these incidents."


Translated and edited The Syrian Observer



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