Assyrian Democratic Organization Position on Geneva II

The Assyrian organization states its support for a political solution

Based on the need to find a peaceful political solution that achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people for a democratic, civil and plural state, we believe in holding of Geneva Conference II conference according to the principles of Geneva 1 and with international, binding guarantees on all parties and constituents.


This is an important opportunity that will put the country on the path of democratic change through a transitional phase led by a transitional body with full powers.


We support this opportunity due to the increasing complexity of the Syrian scene, and the difficulty of achieving the objectives of the Syrian revolution in freedom, justice and democracy militarily, especially given the growing role of jihadist organizations whose objectives are contrary to the aspirations of the Syrian people.


We have arrived at this position out of a sense of responsibility towards the alleviation of the worsening human suffering of Syrians, to stop the killing, displacement and detentions, as well as out of a fear that the continued armed conflict opens disastrous possibilities.


All this has led us to support the Geneva II conference to find a political solution to end the conflict in Syria that takes into account the sacrifices of Syrians and meets their aspirations in the transition from tyranny to a modern democratic system based on the foundations of freedom, justice and equality and national partnership between all Syrians.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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