Belt-Tightening at the Syrian National Coalition

Secretary General of the Coalition expected to ask for austerity in the Coalition's financial dealings

Secretary General of the Syrian National Coalition, Badr Jamous on Sunday provided two reports during the meetings of the General Authority of the Coalition.


The first report regards institutionalization, while the other was about activating the work of the Coalition's committees and the Financial Supervision Commission.


It is expected that the Secretary General will ask the members to apply a policy of belt-tightening and austerity in the light of the suffering of the Syrian people and in the light of the need for all resources to be directed towards inside Syria and to the refugees.


The Secretary General will submit a report on the financial expenses and the income of the treasury of the Coalition, including where money is being paid and financial methodology.


Sources in the secretariat confirmed that they had decreased expenditure dramatically and were able to save 30% of income by relying on the office of the secretariat for all  meetings and activities near Istanbul. They said the office was able to control bookings of all hotels, activities and meetings.


The issue of duplication of work within the Coalition is expected to occupy a large part of the debate about finances. Work towards solving this issue may be through the appointment of a position to handle the matter, for example Munther Makhous, a member of the political body and the ambassador of the Coalition in Paris, or Muaffaq Nerabiya, the ambassador of the Coalition in Berlin and a member of the political body.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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