International Criminal Court for Assad on Agenda for Talks: Maleh

A conference was held in Istanbul on applying International Law in the Syrian crisis

Member of the Syrian National Coalition, Haitham al-Maleh has revealed that he is cooperating with a group of lawyers to refer Bashar Assad to the International Criminal Court (ICC).


Maleh said the lawyers have created a file, “supported with evidence, pictures and documentation” to be submitted next week to the international referral bodies at The Hague “in order to move the courts of international justice on its responsibilities towards the regime of  Bashar Assad and its crimes in Syria,” Maleh said.


Maleh's statements came on the sidelines of the conference on "International Law and its application in the Syrian crisis," which was held in Istanbul and attended by dozens of judges and senior lawyers from Arab, Islamic and European countries, in addition to a number of opposition leaders.


The recommendations of the conference stressed the application of the rule of international law and the need to subject the criminals who committed these crimes, or ordered them, to a fair trial.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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