Secret Document Leaked From Syrian Coalition About Geneva II

Details emerge oof consultations regarding the opposition delgation

Rehab News has obtained an internal document from the Syrian National Coalition on plans for the Geneva II conference, including details of meetings and consultations that took place prior to its approval.


The papers state that a delegation was formed consisting of Coalition chairman Badr Jamous, Abdulhakim Bashar, Nazir Hakim and Abdulahad Astepho, to connect with the concerned stakeholders to hold Geneva II.


A two-phase meeting took place with international mediator Lakhdar Brahimi and his team First, with the Russian Ambassador to Geneva II, Maxim Baranov and also with U.S. ambassador Robert Ford and again U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry.


Brahimi has decided with both Russia and the U.S. as follows:


– The date of the conference is 22 January, 2014


– The first day will include the participation of all states


– On the second day, closed negotiations will start between the opposition and the regime in the presence of Brahimi and his deputies only
The opposition delegation consists of 15 people, including nine people to negotiate, while others will remain as advisers without the right to negotiate. This also applies to the regime.


The Coalition delegation will be as follows: The Coalition will suggest the names of the members that will not be limited to the Coalition to Brahimi.


Topics that will be discussed include:


– The humanitarian issue including the release of detainees and allowance of humanitarian organizations to work


– The formation of a transitional body with full executive powers upon an agreement between the regime and the opposition


– A decision to set a date for the parliamentary elections


– The formation of a committee to form the constitution


The text of the work program in Geneva II included a note stating that Geneva negotiations will be conducted over months, not weeks.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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