Stopping Terrorism Starts Solution in Syria: Haidar

Haidar slammed foreign support for armed groups by Saudi, Qatar and Turkey

The Minister for National Reconciliation, Ali Haidar, said on Monday that solving the crisis in Syria should start by stopping terrorism and drying up its sources.


In an interview with Syrian TV, Haidar said that those countries which are supporting terrorism and interfering in the Syrian internal affairs are the same countries which hinder the political solution to the crisis in Syria.


“As long as we are going to a political process for solving the crisis in Syria and talking about the Geneva II conference… we should start from the correct place,” Haidar said.


He slammed the foreign and regional interference in the crisis in Syria, particularly by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey,  asserting that Turkey had opened its borders and set up training and rehabilitation centers for mercenary terrorist groups to send them to fight in Syria. He said Saudi Arabia is doing the same in Jordan.


The Minister reiterated that the Foreign Ministry's letters to the U.N. Secretary General and the President of the U.N. Security Council on the Saudi regime's continued flagrant interference in Syria's internal affairs represents the right start to proceedings, by holding countries that sponsor, fund and support terrorism responsible for the bloodshed of Syrians.


"We will not allow Geneva to turn the Syrian scene from a crisis which the Syrians can solve it into a Syrian dispute where two sides are fighting to achieve the interests of foreign countries,” he said, adding, “that is what the west looks for.”


Haider also indicated that the participation of the international community in the conference will ensure an appropriate environment for its success but not for removing the opinion of the Syrian people.


He pointed out that the experience of Syria and the Arab countries with the international community has been historically bad in the region, since 1946 until now.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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