Shaaban Denies Reports that Syria Killed Detained British Doctor

Sarah Khan claims a phone conversation about the case was held between her mother and Shaaban

The office of the Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban categorically denied Syrian authorities had been contacted over the suicide of British doctor, Abbas Khan, in Syrian custody, the State news agency SANA reported on Thursday


“Statements from the doctor ‘s sister Sara Khan to the British BBC news channel and the Lebanese al-Jadeed TV, al-Joumhuria Gazette that have circulated are groundless allegations”, a statement from the office said.


Sarah Khan said her brother was killed by the Syrian regime, adding that there had been a phone conversation about the case between her mother, who went to Syria to search for her son and Shaaban, the spokeswoman of the regime.


Sarah told the BBC that Shaaban appeared nervous when she talked with her mother and admitted that “Yes, we killed your son, go and tell the British people that we have killed a British doctor… And you have to leave Damascus and don't try to call us again".


This information appeared to confirm that Khan did not commit suicide as the regime tried to claim, but that he was killed during his detention.
Sarah said her mother tried every possible way to save her son and went to the Russian and Czech embassies, pleading for help to release him.


The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on December 18 summoned a representative of the Czech Embassy in Damascus who is charged with managing British interests section in Syria, submitting to him a tripartite medical report on the death of the British citizens Abbas Khan Shah who had entered Syria illegally and participated in want they said were illegal activities.



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