Rebel Leader Says Efforts Underway to Unify Ranks in Aleppo Countryside

Bakr called on the officers in the camps to join fighters on the front

The leader of Jaish al-Mujahedeen, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Abdulkader Bakkour Abu al-Bakr said he does not  recognize any military or political body not formed by the revolutionary forces on the ground.


In an exclusive interview, Bakr told All4Syria that any formation abroad will fail without the backing of the true revolutionary forces.


"The common command and the Chief-of-Staff didn’t learn the lessons of history," Bakr said.


Asked about assigning Brigadier General Abdullah al-Bashir in the position of Free Army's Chief-of-Staff, Bakr said: "The individuals are not important; what matters is the ability of this person to keep a balanced distance from all parties. The work should be institutional and not individual. The general command and the staff failed in the previous period because this institution should be born inside Syria and should not get into the labyrinth of politics and international patronage."


Bakr revealed that there is a workshop operating day and night to unify all the active factions on the ground under a new military body in the countryside of Aleppo, to fight the robbers, mercenaries, traitors and regime's agents.


"We are working the factions suitable for this campaign which includes collecting the information and evidence from our security offices. We have a lot of things to do but the field situation and the war on all fronts delays the work," Bakr said.


He called on the defected officers who are still in the camps to join the revolution and provide their experience.


"If you think that official positions are waiting you, then you are wrong. You have to join this revolution and forget that you are officers. You are our brothers, so come and help your brothers who are fighting with your long experience. We will share everything, the rights and duties," Bakr said.


Commenting on the campaign to support the nomination of Moaz al-Khatib for republic's presidency, Bakr said: "It is too early to speak about the president now. When we topple that criminal and his regime, we will speak about the state and the president who will be elected by people".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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