Europe Punishes Bushra Assad

Sanctions against the president's sister are based on her family relationship

A European Court has verified sanctions adopted by the European Union against Bushra Assad, the sister of Syrian President Bashar Assad, due to her relations with the Syrian regime.


The court said Assad's relation to the president was enough for the European Union "to consider her related to Syrian officials".


Bushra Assad was included in the sanctions adopted by the European Union against Syria, which means that she is prohibited from entering European Union countries and that her bank accounts in the these countries have been frozen.


The Court explained that "the fact that Syria is ruled by a family is something can be taken into the consideration by the European Council."


"The goals of the council may fail if the sanctions included regime officials only, because those officials can easily go around these sanctions by using their relatives," the court said in its justification.


According to the court, the information mentioned in some websites reveals the political role of Bushra Assad, "which proves her relationship to the Syrian regime."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer





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