Jaafari: Terrorists Plan Chemical Attack on Jobar

Jaafari says Syrian authorities intercepted phone calls between rebels planning the attack


Syria's Permanent Representative to the U.N. Bashar al-Jaafari said that terrorist groups are planning to launch attacks using chemical weapons in Jobar area to accuse Syrian government of it , as indicated in a phone call between terrorists monitored by the authorities.


Jaafari told Russia Today TV channel in a phone call on Tuesday he sent two identical letters on March 25th to the U.N. Secretary-General and President of the Security Council drawing their attention to two vital issues.


He said Syrian authorities monitored a landline phone call between two terrorists in Jobar area in Damascus' suburb, during which one of them said a third terrorist referred to as Abu Nader is secretly distributing gas masks to protect from toxic gas among his cohorts.


Jaafari said the Syrian authorities also intercepted another call between two terrorists, one of them referred to as Abu Jihad who said there will be a use of toxic gas in Jobar area, asking the terrorist members working with him to prepare gas masks.


He added the purpose of this talk is to use toxic gas once again to accuse the government of the attack, just like what happened last year in Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside and in Aleppo before it.


Syria's Permanent Representative said more critical piece of information is that terrorist organization known as the Nusra Front broadcast a video on their YouTube channel on 23 March, showing preparations for carrying out a bombing in Sukkar site in Adra area in Damascus Countryside, where Nusra and Al-Qaeda terrorists are running amok.


He noted that the video showed a BMP armored vehicle loaded with 7,000 kilograms of TNT and C4 and driven by a terrorist called Shamel al-Ansari, in addition to another car loaded with explosives driven by a Jordanian terrorist called Abu Stef al-Urduni, with the purpose of the two vehicles is to detonate them in Sukkar site, which contains chemicals.


"There is nothing called the international community, unfortunately,"Jaafari said. "We directed two letters to the Security Council to have the countries that keep talking about the threats of chemical weapons to pressure the countries sponsoring and funding these terrorist groups – specifically Turkish, Saudi, and Qatari governments – to prevent such terrorist acts by pressuring these gangs and terrorist gangs," adding that now "this matter is in the hands of the Security Council."


Regarding developments in Kassab and Latakia countryside, and the steps to be taken by the Syrian government, Jaafari said on the political side, Syria has sent five letters on the issue of Kassab to the U.N. Secretary-General and President of Security Council during past seven days, with all letters full of information on the direct involvement of the Turkish government in sponsoring the terrorist attacks on Kassab.


"These terrorist groups came from Turkish territories and were covered by Turkish artillery, tanks and aircrafts so that they aren't engaged by the Syrian Army in that area, with the purpose of the Turkish military involvement being an attempt to distract the Syrian Army form these terrorist groups so that they may commit their heinous acts," he said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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