Baath Party Says Assad Candidacy a National Duty

The party issues statement shortly after Assad announced his running for the presidency

The regional leadership of the Baath Arab Socialist Party said the candidacy of President Bashar Assad, Regional Secretary General of the Baath Party, is a national duty and necessity as Syria and the Arab nation are passing through complex circumstances.


In a statement issued shortly after Assad announced his running for the candidacy in presidential elections set for 3 June, the leadership said that President Assad managed to steer Syria amid unprecedented upheavals and crises that have gripped the country, showing unequalled courage and national pride.


Assad's candidacy is a manifestation of two overlapping agendas; the first being personal, coming from President Assad's high sense of national responsibility, and the second reflecting the will of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people.


The statement lauded the achievements of the Syrian people amid tough conditions, namely the political, economic and social reforms, including the new constitution.


Syria is facing an unprecedented test as in the face of aggression led by colonial powers in service of Western and Zionist agendas.


"Herein lies the importance of presidential elections for the connotations it signifies during an intricate phase of Syria's history," the statement said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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