Opposition Figure Says Syrians With Expired Passports May Enter Turkey

Decision comes after Coalition meeting with Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding residencies

A Syrian National Coalition representative in Turkey said Turkish authorities will soon implement a new decision allowing Syrians with expired passports to enter Turkey.


In a letter directed to Coalition members, and seen by Zaman al-Wasl, Khaled Khoja said there will be exceptions for some figures in the Coalition, or to some personalities recognized by the Coalition, saying that in these cases, it is necessary to implement proper mechanisms for recommendations for tthose who are not members of the Coalition.


However, he stressed that there will be no interference by the local Turkish authorities, and the Coalition will not be held responsible for any problems with those who were not recommended by the Coalition.


The decision came after Khoja’s meeting with representatives of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding residencies. He said efforts are underway by the ministry, along with the Department of Immigration, to find solutions for the benefit of the Coalition’s members.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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