Syria's Muslim Brotherhood to Discuss Supreme Leader's Powers

A presidential committee is formed with five members from Muslim Brotherhood

The Shura Council of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood will discuss a new draft determinıng the Supreme Leader’s powers and the elections mechanism, according to a copy seen by Zaman al-Wasl.


According to the new plan, a presidential committee will be formed with five members from the Muslim Brotherhood, who should have specific requirements. They should be over 35 years old and have been members of the society for at least 15 years, besides being an execuive member for 10 years or more. Members of the presidential committee should have a high level of education, with a good reputation. They should be able to devote time to working fully for the society, and flexible enough to live wherever the society chooses their work location to be.


The project suggests the Shura Council choose double the required number of members for the committee, and confidential voting would determine the five members of the Committee.


The candidate wins if he gains votes of more than a half of the original Council’s members.


The winner of the highest number of votes will be considered the General Guide and the four with the next highest number of votes will be his deputies.


The draft demands a majority of votes of the original member of the presidency committee in order to take a decision.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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