Syrian Rebel Front Leader Makes First Apprearance After Death of Daughter

Jamal Maarouf addressed the Syrian regime and the Islamic State

Activists have broadcast a video clip showing the commander of Syrian Rebel Front, Jamal Maarouf, in his first appearance after regime air forces tried to assassinate him when they shelled his town, Deir Sunbul, killing his daughter, his assistant and his guards.


"Five days ago we were subjected to an assassination attempt using the explosives of the Islamic State. Thank God we were able to kill four of the suicidal fighters, but we are still suffering from the State, which claims to be Islamic, but has not spared the Free Syrian Army or innocent Syrians from their explosives," Maarouf said in the clip.


"Yesterday we were attacked in the air raids of Assad, my daughter died in the shelling and many others were wounded," he said of the attempt.


Maarouf addressed the Syrian regime and the Islamic State, saying, "stop your lies; you are on one side and you mislead people by presenting Assad as fighting terrorism and Baghdadi as seeking an Islamic State".


Maarouf explained that it is not possible to distinguish between the regime and the Islamic State which attacks the rebels with explosives, although they have been fighting the regime for many years now.


"We will fight every tyranny, and we want to tell Assad: You have ruled Syria for forty years, and we will fight your regime until we topple you down even if it took us 40 years, we will stay determined. I swear to Assad and Baghdadi that we will keep fighting them even if they outnumbered us or even if I remained alone".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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