Bahra Asks For Support After the Collapse of IS

Bahra asked the alliance to provide air cover for the FSA in the regions where IS may withdraw to prevent Assad forces from filling the gap

The head of the Syrian National Coalition, Hadi al-Bahra, criticized the attitude of the international alliance because "it doesn’t support the Free Syrian Army enough to enable it to face the Islamic State and Assad together".


Bahra asked the alliance to provide air cover for the FSA in the regions where IS may withdraw, cover to prevent air raids from Assad's forces and to help the FSA in filling in the gaps that will occur after the collapse of IS.


In an exclusive interview with al-Hayat, Bahra explained the position of the Coalition towards the method that should be followed in fighting terrorism: "Fighting terrorism should be through a comprehensive program, not only a single military operation. The reason of this phenomenon (which is the terrorism of Assad) should be treated".


As for the Coalition's delegation visit to New York, Bahra said the American administration "declared its desire to coordinate with the political and military leadership of the Syrian revolution and to give us a primary role in these programs. Countries like France, Britain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar share this view with us – they understand the importance of these comprehensive programs and this coordination."


"Even Russia will change its attitude when the balance of powers on the ground changes. Russia has specific interests, it doesn’t support the regime because it likes the regime, Russia supports Assad because it has a logical analysis and it sees an advantage in the continuation of this regime. So if this regime became weak, it will not represent a guarantee for Russia," he said.


"If the political balance changes, the cost of keeping this regime in power becomes higher than the benefits Russia may gain from it, and the Russian attitude will change."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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