Jaafari Says Terror Groups Trying to Wipe Out Syrian Women

Jaafari says obscurantist ideology has imposed restrictions on women that contradict the constitutionally-ensured dignity and freedom Syrian women enjoyed for decades

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the U.N., Bashar al-Jaafari said terrorist organizations in Syria have sought, with full support of terrorism-sponsoring governments, to eliminate the existence of the Syrian woman as a human being, relying on shameful and immoral fatwas where hundreds of girls and women have been victims amidst suspicious international silence.


During the U.N. General Assembly’s session held on Monday on the advancement of women, Jaafari said Syria has been suffering for three years from terrorism, reminding the assembly of the 16-year-old Syrian girl from Raqqa who was slaughtered only for having an account on Facebook. The world, he said, will not forget the girl who committed suicide to escape a compulsive marriage to a terrorist jihadist with a Tunisian citizenship.


Jaafari went on to say "we will never forget the Syrian girls who have been kidnapped from their homes in front of their own parents’ eyes and then taken as slaves".


He spoke about ‘Sabias’, or women whose rapists are allowed, based on sharia, to sexually abuse them because they do not belong to the jihadists’ religion, or 'Malikat al-Yamin', women taken as wives without legal or religious contracts by terrorists calling themselves jihadists, where a single girl is raped tens of times a day.


Jaafari pointed out that for three years, members of the Wahabi terrorist organizations have committed gang rapes against thousands of Syrian women, and these organizations sought with full support of Arab, regional and international governments to eliminate the existence of the Syrian woman as a human being, changing her into a method for entertaining terrorists and imposing their sick and dark ideology on them.


Jaafari clarified that this obscurantist ideology has imposed restrictions on women inside their families, on the way they dress, in education and within their society through sharia court verdicts that contradict their constitutionally-ensured dignity and freedom Syrian women enjoyed for decades.


Jaafari pointed out the terrorist groups committed crimes inside the refugee camps in the neighboring countries of Turkey and Jordan where they have been suffering from the most atrocious forms of sexual abuse and psychological suppression as well as human trafficking.


The so-called international community and some senior U.N. officials, as well as many Western countries known for their frequent statements on supporting women have only been busy accusing the Syrian government, he said, while ignoring that Syria, contrary to the Saudi regime, ensured women’s rights in all spheres of life, side by side with men.


Jaafari said that after three years of the multi-national terrorist war against Syria and after the so-called international community, including the countries which support terrorism, realized the atrocity of that takfiri terrorism, the Syrian women wonder when the countries involved in this dirty terrorist war will reconsider their criminal calculations and stop the backing of terrorism to allow hope, security and peace needed by the Syrian women to return to their country.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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