Bahra: Unity of the Syrian People Only Way to Defeat Assad

"To achieve victory we need to put aside our personal, partisan and ideological affiliations."

President of the Syrian National Coalition, Hadi al-Bahra, has stressed the need for unity in defeating Assad. 


"Defeating the Assad regime and achieving the goals of our revolutionary project, aimed at building a modern state requires preserving the unity of the Syrian people,” he said during the opening of the second 'Inside Syria Forum' which is being held in Gaziantep, Turkey.


“Syria is and always will be for all Syrians, regardless of their sect, ethnicity or religion," he said.


"As a result of Assad’s barbarity, our homeland has become a battlefield where outsiders are fighting to settle scores and to serve the interests of their own countries. We have become strangers whose fate is in the hands of far-fetched sectarian militias who are wreaking havoc and destruction in our homeland."


"We cannot but thank the government of Turkey and its people for opening its doors for the Syrian people and embracing them with utmost generosity and hospitality," he added.


"To achieve victory we need to put aside our personal, partisan and ideological affiliations. We must also not content ourselves with criticizing mistakes, but we have to work together to correct them. The Syrian Coalition will always remain open to everyone wishing to share with us the responsibility and work hard to serve the homeland and the revolution. We are diligently working to develop the performance of the Syrian Coalition and reform its organizational structure and also to move to Syria to be with our people in their suffering and offer them whatever we can.”


Bahra called on the attendees of the conference to “put forward initiatives and suggestions, as you are the flame of this revolution and the makers of the future of this country." The participants then discussed the 'Foothold' project which was developed by the Syrian National Coalition, while Bahra reviewed the project and received questions and exchanged views on the project.





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