Opposition Members Form New Bloc

The National Accord bloc aims to put the revolution back on the right path

Fourteen members of the opposition Syrian National Coalition announced the formation of a new political bloc next week, with the aim of reviving the national role of the key opposition group to serve the people and the revolution, sources told Zaman al-Wasl.


The ‘National Accord’ bloc seeks to create a balance inside the Coalition, away from the polarizing political partisanship, "with the hope it can play a monitoring and supervisory role in order to bring back the essential role of the Coalition as a national institution founded to serve the Syrians’ revolution,’" a source said.


The bloc, which has kept the door open for more members to join, said it would announce its political agenda next week.


Zaman al-Wasl has obtained the names of the 14 members:


1. George Sabra, head of the Syrian National Council


2. Mohammed al-Dandal


3. Abdul Basset Seida


4. Samir Nashar


5. Khalid Nasser


6. Salem al-Muslet


7. Abdul Ahad Asatifo


8. Sennacherib Mirza


9. Alia Mansour


10. Mohammed Dugaim


11. Mohammed Wali


12. Nora al-Amir


13. Wasel al-Shimali


14. Yahya Maktabi


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer  



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