Marriage Thrives, Along with Divorce, Infidelity

The total number of divorce cases has reached about 400 per month

The leading sharia court Judge, Mahmoud Marawi, has revealed that the percentage of divorces due to infidelity has risen in Damascus to 10% of the number of cases before the sharia court.


Marawi said the total number of divorce cases has reached about 400 per month, which means that the number of divorces due to infidelity has amounted to 40 per month.


Marawi explained that if the husband proved the infidelity of his wife, he can sue for divorce before the sharia court, where two judges are appointed to consider the validity of his claims.


If his claims were proven right, the wife becomes deprived of most of her rights, and the husband has the right to arbitrary divorce. The wife has the right to ask for compensation if the divorce was arbitrary, but if the husband proved the infidelity of his wife, the wife is denied compensation.


Chancellor Marawi pointed out that the Syrian Personal Status Law doesn't provide clear instructions on marital infidelity, rather considering it a cause of divorce, as the cases of infidelity were not previously common in the Syrian society.


Marawi said the number of marriage cases amounted to about 40-50 cases a month, explaining that the number of marriages have also risen in the past few months. putting great pressure on the sharia court in Damascus.


The judge noted that the court is trying to facilitate the marriages of young Syrians abroad as a result of the conditions they are experiencing, especially given so many Syrian embassies have been shut down in some Arab and foreign countries, making it difficult for young people to complete their marriage procedures.


Regarding the draft related to the Orphans Law, Marawi said that the committee has completed the draft, and it is currently being studied by specialists in economics to discuss the law in economic terms, especially given there are articles in the draft related to investment of orphans' funds.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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