ISIS Kills Sunni Mistaken as Ismaili

ISIS killed a citizen from Akareb village east of the city of Salamiyah

A story has circulated about the execution of a Syrian citizen, who it was claimed was from the Ismaili community, raising public concern.


Social networking sites were preoccupied with the news, and activists circulated conflicting information about the details.


Agence France Press confirmed that ISIS applied the death penalty on a Syrian man from the Ismaili community, before he turned out to be Sunni.


Details obtained by Watan FM said the new crime committed by ISIS killed the citizen from Akareb village east of the city of Salamiyah after he was abducted with his son about two months ago. He was taken to an unknown location, and no one had heard from them since.


The father, Ihsan Nayiouff, appeared in a photo published by ISIS, in which the fighters of the organization were slaying him in the village of al-Qailab on charges of apostasy.


Media sources from the Interaction Developmental Network in Salamiyah confirmed that the victim is Sunni, not Ismaili as ISIS claimed, and that he was delivering bread to the areas besieged by regime forces in the east of Salamiyah.


Ihsan had been arrested on one occasion at the hands of the National Defense Forces in the village of Tal at-Tout when he was delivering bread before he was kidnapped by the organization. When the images related to the slaughter of Ihsan were checked thoroughly, they showed that one of the executers was a former detainee in Sednaya prison in the period between 2007-2011.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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