Cabinet Approves Bill for Employment of Disabled

Bills passed on the employment of people with disabilities

The Cabinet approved a bill on Monday for the employment of people with disabilities in the public sector, also passing another bill extending a decree for exempting subscribers at Syrian Telecom who have overdue payments.


The Cabinet also approved the national strategy for the development of early childhood in Syria for 2014-2020.


Chairing the Cabinet session, Prime Minister Wael al-Halki said the government’s main concern is improving the living standards of citizens, providing the services they need, and rationalizing relief and ensuring it reaches those who need it most.


He noted that the government managed to adapt to the challenges it faced in 2014 – providing for citizens’ needs and keeping the SYP exchange rate stable, in addition to delivering 12,000 job opportunities for the relatives of martyrs.


Halki stressed the government will work to improve the state of the services sector, particularly in the fields of transport and electricity, urging state establishments to monitor spending.


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