Coalition Members to Foot Own Bill for General Assembly Meeting

SNC members to attend meetings at own personal cost under new reform plan by Coalition president

The Syrian opposition’s National Coalition (SNC) members will be requested to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses to attend the General Assembly’s coming meeting, while colleagues in Turkey have been urged to help by hosting members inside their own homes.


A source inside the National Coalition told Zaman al-Wasl the decision had come as a part of a new reforming and improving plan by Coalition President Khalid Khoja. Khoja’s new plan aims to show that central leadership exists inside the Coalition, while no one individual is above the Coalition, regardless of who they may be supported by.


The source told Zaman al-Wasl that Khoja has shown solidity and strength in his decisions, which have forced many to review their practices. The source confirmed that the meeting of the General Assembly is taking place on time and as scheduled, and the financial hardship faced by the SNC has increased cooperation among Coalition members.


Zaman al-Wasl recently published a report on the looming bankruptcy of the Syrian Interim Government, after no salaries were paid for the month.

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