SNC Plans to Rebuild International Standing

Syria opposition to appoint new representatives in Qatar, Turkey and Britain, with Coalition president expected to visit France

The Political Commission of Syrian National Coalition (SNC) has held a two-day meeting to discuss the foreign affairs agenda, with the appointment of new representatives in Qatar, Turkey and Britain, a source has said.


The newly-elected opposition leader, Khaled Khoja, plans to rebuild international relationships after SNC infighting and mismanagement trivialized the Syrian conflict in the eyes of the international community, resulting in a significant decline of financial support for Syrian refugees. Claims that Khoja will soon visit France come amid efforts to bolster the standing of the Coalition as international support declines, ‫  the source claimed.


According to the source, the Coalition’s office in France has begun scheduling Khoja’s visit, including a meeting with President François Hollande, after being postponed by the authorities three times.


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