Syrians Facing Mental Health Epidemic

The Ministry of Health claims 40 percent of Syrians in need of psychosocial support

The Ministry of Health has revealed statistics to al-Watan that show the dangerous psychological impact of the Syrian crisis on citizens.

Most alarming among these statistics was an increase in mental disorders ratio reaching 25 percent, with 40 percent of Syrians in need of social and psychosocial support. Suicide attempts among psychiatric patients have reached 15 percent, especially among patients suffering from depression and psychosis.

The ministry said in a report that the most affected groups are children, people with special needs and chronic patients.
 The ministry said the increase in mental disorders will inevitably lead to an increase in the request of psychological medicine.

The ministry claims medicines are available in all the hospitals, centers and clinics which offer sufficient psychological service as well as all types of medical and psychological treatments.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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