Coalition Member Calls to Lift Ban on Anti-Aircraft Systems to FSA

Ghalioun has called upon Arab League countries to lift a ban on the delivery of anti-aircraft weapons to the Free Syrian Army

National Coalition member Burhan Ghalioun called upon countries of the Arab League to lift the ban on the delivery of anti-aircraft weapons to the Free Syrian Army, in response to the "delivery of S-300 missiles to the Iranian regime who intervenes blatantly in the affairs of neighboring countries and sets the fire of wars inside them".

In a statement published by the Coalition’s Information Office, Ghalioun said: "this step should be adopted by the league to show Moscow its commitment to put an end to the Iranian extremism which destabilizes the whole region".

Ghalioun claimed the Russian move aims "first, to encourage Tehran to continue its policies and not to retreat under international pressure. Secondly, to limit the expectations of the Arab League and Saudi Arabia – which leads Operation Decisive Storm – and to reduce their ambition to develop an offensive regional policy that may influence the situation in Syria and other countries. Thirdly, to remind the west of Moscow's position in the redistribution process of regional power and influence, as well as the role Moscow should keep after its bets have reached a deadly end".

The Kremlin released a statement two days ago declaring Russian President Vladimir Putin had signed a decree abolishing the ban on the transfer of the missile defense systems, by air or sea, through Russian territory.

The decree abolishes Moscow's decision on October 22, 2010, to suspend the delivery of the missile defense system to Iran.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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