Gatilov: Syrian Government, Opposition Interested in Holding Mosocw III

Syrian government showed readiness to move ahead with further talks, Russian deputy foreign minister says

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said the Syrian parties who participated in the two rounds of consultative talks in Moscow are interested in holding a third round.

In the first round of talks, held in January 2015, the Syrian government and opposition figures approved the “Moscow Principles” – a set of guidelines focusing on preserving Syria’s sovereignty and unity, fighting all forms of terrorism, settling the crisis peacefully and politically and rejecting any foreign interference.

In the April round of talks, the discussions concluded with the issuance of a unified paper titled "estimating the status-quo”.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Gatilov said that during the second round members were generally inclined to hold a third round of consultations, noting that the proposition will be discussed soon.

Gatilov highlighted the readiness of the Syrian government to move ahead with another dialogue with the opposition, stating this provides a useful opportunity in the process of reaching a settlement to the crisis in Syria.


Edited by The Syrian Observer


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